More loads, more often

Book loads 24/7

Increase load capacity and return trips

Open market

See live On-Demand or Auction contracts  across the country


More loads, more often

Book loads 24/7

Fill your load capacity and return trips 

Open market

See live On-Demand or Auction contracts across the country


We simplify the logistics and transportation industry by making it easy for carriers to receive on-demand offers, bid on loads and haul loads all from one platform. With our advanced matching and scheduling tools, you’ll ensure your assets are generating the best possible revenue all the time!

Available Loads

Platoon gives you access to thousands of shippers. Get loads 24/7 to ensure your fleet is always working for you. 

Increased Earnings

Fill your load capacity and return trips for optimal use.

Guaranteed Payments

Get paid 7 days after successful delivery. All payments processed are secured.

Manage Fleet

Manage drivers, assign and schedule their jobs. Get real-time updates and track your fleet’s movement with Google Maps.

Paperless Contracts

Save time and money with smart contracts. Contracts are automatically generated and emailed to all parties.

On-demand & Auction Service

Get notifications for on-demand and auction offers. Accept on demand offers or bid on loads in the market. 

Single Interface

Manage and track your vehicles and drivers all from one interface. You can also use PlatoonCarrier as a TMS system.

Added Support & Communication

We manage the entire process and sort out any discrepancies between parties that may occur. 

Transparent Data Reports

Get daily, weekly or monthly Reports and Analytics for you to better optimize your business and fleet.

Quick Steps


Add Vehicle/s

Receive Offers

Track Shipment

Minimum Requirements 


1. Driver’s License/Personal ID

2. Company Registration


1. Driver’s License

2. PrDP (3,5 Ton)


1. Driver’s Licence
2. PrDP (3,5 Ton) 


1. Vehicle Registration
2. License Disc
3. Operator’s Disc (3,5 Ton)

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