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Platoon is an innovative digital freight platform connecting all types of Shippers and Carriers across South Africa. We provide new and improved  solutions with added support to the freight and logistics industry. Our dynamic platform offers a quick and reliable freight booking service for all your logistics and transportation needs. Using advanced algorithms and AI learning, our smarter technology allows for more efficiency and better productivity, resulting in lower costs for shippers and higher profits for carriers. Platoon freight enables all businesses, big and small, to participate in a digitized freight environment. With our network of approved carriers, Platoon just makes shipping easy!

How Platoon Works

Why choose Platoon?

Easy to Use

Use on your smartphone, tablet or web. Simply add your pick-up and drop-off locations, add your good’s info and get an instant quote. Click to book it, and it’s done. Loads can be booked 24/7.

Easy to Track

You’ll see the real-time status and location of your shipments on the move. Check your shipment history and even re-book using your “favourites”. Platoon ensures delivery and quality of service through features such as Chain-of-Custody and Proof-of-Delivery.

Easy to Cost

Using our advanced technology, we match your needs to approved carriers for instant and reliable quotes and shipping. You can also choose to use our advanced auction market platform for more cost-effective rates.

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Platoon uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a cloud hosting provider to ensure data security. Confidential payment information is stored by a third party (PayGate (Pty) Ltd), which is a PCi DSS Level 1 service provider and is also GDPR compliant.

2020 © Platoon. All rights reserved.

Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions

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